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100% natural & maximum strength vitamins for prostate health. Formulated with clinically proven all-natural ingredients like Rye Pollen, Quercetin, Saw Palmetto Extract, Cranberry, Green Tea Leaf, Stinging Nettle, Pygeum, Beta-Sitosterol & Meriva Curcumin Phytosome, our prostate supplements were designed to support:

  • Healthy prostate size
  • Normal urination flow
  • Better urological health
  • Better inflammation support

100% natural & maximum strength vitamins for prostate health

PR Labs’ prostate supplement, Prost-P10x, promotes healthy prostate size, normal urination

flow, improved urological health, and inflammation support in men via a leading blend of

clinically-proven ingredients.

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The Confidence of a Healthy Prostate

Fewer Bathroom Trips

Having a healthy prostate means less frequent urination and more time for the things you love to do in life.

Sleep Better At Night

Sleep better at night without the inconvenience of getting up all night to empty your bladder. A healthy prostate helps you sleep and wake up more refreshed.

Less Urgency

No more rushing to the bathroom every 5 minutes. A healthy prostate means better bladder control, and less frequent trips to the men's room.

No More Uncomfortable Moments

Enjoy the freedom of having the confidence to go anywhere, anytime, without having to worry about how to get to the bathroom on a moments notice.


Formulated by Professionals

Developed by one of the nation's leading integrative urologists, Prost-P10x is the culmination of years of

research & experience in a real Naturopathic Urology Practice. Containing clinically proven levels of vitamins

for prostate health and other key ingredients, P10x is the go-to product that is an all-natural solution and does

not require a prescription.

PR Labs stands for Prostate Research Laboratories. We focus solely on prostate supplements and men’s health.

With every product, you can rely on science-backed ingredients and clinical trials that prove the effectiveness of our supplements. At Prostate Research Labs, we don’t just care about men’s health…
we devote all of our efforts toward it!

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PR Labs’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facility undertakes stringent quality control measures, regularly testing for heavy metals, pesticides, and other contaminants at all stages throughout the manufacturing process.